President's Message

To the Worshipful Masters of the First Masonic District:

If I had to chose one word that best describes the purpose of your district officer’s association, it would be unity. The district officers have the distinct honor of hosting a monthly meeting where all 24 lodges have an opportunity to meet as one. With all the troubles we are facing in todays world, Unity is something that we need more than ever. Reflecting on the past 12 months, the Covid pandemic, The unrelenting political divide, and the general lack of compassion that has engulfed our nation, I have never been more proud to be a member of this fraternity. There are many differences among our brotherhood, whether it be race, religion, political affiliation, and many more. One constant, is that we use them to strengthen our bond rather than divide it.

Regardless of individual views regarding the pandemic, we have taken every precaution willfully in order to protect our fellow brothers and their families. This time apart has been difficult for all of us, as individual masons and as a fraternity. As we all know though, Freemasonry, not withstanding, has still survived. I ask that each of you do everything you can to be present, not only in your own lodges, but also in your neighbors. Whether it be in person or online, please make time with your brothers a priority in your life. Now, more than ever, we need each other. And now, more than ever, the world needs Freemasonry.


Chris Goodin

President, F.M.D.O.A.